How does a Customer place an order for an attic stairs?

First you refer to our products-page and decide what type of attic stairs you want installed. You can then  phone Donal on 087-7929389 to discuss your requirements and place your order.

Is a survey necessary before placing an order for an attic stairs?

Not in most cases. It is very rare that our attic stairs cannot be installed in a house.

Folded Pine Attic Stairs attic stairs cork attic shelving cork

Folded Pine Attic Stairs

What if the attic stairs cannot be fitted in your home? Is there a call-out charge?

There is no cost to the Client should the attic stairs prove unsuitable for fitting. We may suggest fitting the attic stairs in a new location but that is up to the Client.

Is there a waiting period to get your attic stairs fitted?

Usually the attic stairs can be fitted in your home within a week or ten days from receiving the order.

How long does fitting an attic stairs take?

Usually between two and four hours if the job is to be done properly.

Does fitting an attic ladder cause much mess or disruption?

A canvas sheet is always spread under the work-area to catch whatever little dust or debris may result from fitting the attic stairs.

What about making good the ceiling after the attic stairs is fitted?

This is all taken care of as part of the job. Usually the Client only needs to paint the architrave that will be fitted around the attic stair unit.

What kind of attic flooring do you fit?

The attic flooring is specifically designed for the job and consists of strong 18mm thick panels. These panels are certified as being fit-for-purpose by the Standards Authority.

Do you fit raised attic flooring?

Yes, when pipe-work or insulation needs to be avoided then we can raise the attic flooring above the existing joist-level.

Can attic flooring be fitted on the same day the attic stairs is being fitted?

Yes, and indeed this is recommended as it works out better value overall.

Can attic flooring be fitted without an attic stairs also being fitted?

Yes, although it can work out a little cheaper if both jobs are done on the same day.



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